Most of us do not know that Yo-Yos were used for hunting purposes by our forefathers. Yoyo reminds us of our childhood. It is generally said that Yoyo is the second oldest plaything in the world. 

Conventional Yo-Yos are easy to purchase but Yo-Yos used for professional purposes are of premium quality and a bit high priced. 

We curated the list of the top 10 most expensive YoYos in the world.

10. Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo – $179

#10 most expensive yoyo in the world - Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo - $179

It is the first costliest Yoyo on our list. Vertex is developed by Marcus himself on the innovative and latest technology. 

During its development, Marcus kept in mind its horizontal throwing position. Being the most technologically developed Yoyo, it has the most powerful and fast throw power. 

Its nice characteristics are 56.02 mm caliber, 65.4 mm gram weight, 42.54 mm width, stainless steel rim, Aluminium body, and C size bearing along with M4 x 8mm axle. The purchaser can do 1A, 3A, and 5A tricks with this Vertex Toy. Enjoy its possession!

9. Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo – $250

$9 world's most expensive yoyo - Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo - $250

Another masterpiece of the Duncan clan. Its nice features are, Aluminium body, 60 mm gram weight, 57 mm inch diameter, 29 mm width, and size of Duncan bearing. 

It succeeded in 1990s techniques and technology. You can achieve this with different color combinations. Another pro yoyo in our list. Though Duncan made it for all ages, under six are more suitable to play with it. 

8. Hyper Cluster Yoyo – $318

Totally different from the previous ones. It is best for entry or intermediate-level Yoyo throwers. The Yoyo is in separate parts and you have to assemble it before throwing. 

And this offers you a nice feature to adjust parts manually. Nice! 

It is designed on a String on String system. The body is made with plastic and a size A bearing. Its outer graphic is very classical on the theme of Norse mythology. 

It has 51.6 mm gram weight, 40.44 widths, 61.06 mm diameter, and just needs 318 bucks to own this. Cool! 

7. Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo – $450

#7 most expensive yoyo in the world - Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo - $450
Credit: YoYo Wiki

This unique toy is made of Magnesium and to make it pure stable some other elements are also used but in low quantity. 

It is delivered in dissemble mode and you can assemble it according to your ease. The package is equipped with a silver counterweight. 

In 2013 when this Yoyo was launched it was the costliest Yoyo in the world. It is designed by Shinobu “S-kon” Konmoto, along with Takahiko Hasegawa’s collaboration. 

Bearing size A ceramic, it has 36 mm width, 60mm inch diameter, 66 mm gram weight and is provided in different colors coupled with awesome graphics. 

6. MagicYoYo REX Yoyo – $469 

#6 most expensive yoyo in the world - MagicYoYo REX Yoyo - $469 

REX is an advanced full-size model for yo-yo games. It is made of a titanium body and stainless steel rims to ensure a unique weight distribution, which is different from any other yo-yo.

It is made of high-quality, and amazing Yoyo, you can ever find. It’s nice features are Diameter: 57 mm, Width: 44.3 mm, Weight: 66.4 grams, Response: 19mm, Slim Pad, Bearing: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187).

It is Stainless Steel Yoyo made with Yixing Tan collaboration. Its rim is also made with stainless steel. An amazing item. It has incredible spin time.

5. Fulvia Bi-Titanium (BTM) Yoyo – $550

#5 most expensive yoyo in the world - Fulvia Bi-Titanium (BTM) Yoyo - $550

Jeffrey Pang’s company, Luftverk, is trying to completely surpass themselves with the latest version of Fulvia. The Luftverk Fulvia Bi-Titanium (BTM) will retail for $550, which makes it the fifth most expensive yoyo in the world

Incredible Yoyo along with amazing spinning time. Just fifteen units have been launched till today. You can visit the Luftverk website for the full story (and I highly recommend that you do).

Its nice characteristics are Body Material: Titanium Ti-6Al-4V, Weight: 62.6 grams, Response: 19mm LuftPAD, Bearing: Size C Center Trac/Full Ceramic Grooved, Diameter: 56.0 mm, Width: 43.0 mm, Ring Material: Steel 316 (Stainless). 

4. Original Pedro Flores Yoyo – $896

#4 most expensive yoyo in the world - Original Pedro Flores Yoyo - $896
Credit: Yoyo Play

Now, we get the fourth most expensive Yo-Yo in the world. This legendary Yoyo is made by Pedro Flores who is considered the first yoyo maker in the USA. 

It is the perfect showpiece for your bingo desk if you are a Yoyo lover. It is made with wood and a seal of Flores Yo-Yo. Firstly cotton string was used but now silk string is used to enhance its performance. 

Having this one is tough, but if you have this in your belonging, you just have the history of USA Yo-Yo. 

3. 1958 Duncan Sprite Boy 1 Australian Coca Cola Yoyo – $1,399 

The third most expensive yo-yo in the world is a Coca Cola yoyo from 1958, which is currently being auctioned on eBay. It provides high-speed spinning and performance. It provides comfort in your hands. Amazing Yoyo and you can feel it in your hand its comfort. 

It has flawless features and it is one of the rarest Yoyo you can find belonging to the 1958’s era. The best one you have ever seen. 

2. Nostalgia Yo-Yo By Shinobu Konmoto – $5,000

The second most expensive and costliest Yoyo was made by Shinobu Konmoto A.K.A. “S-Kon“, is a yo-yo modder from Japan who has won many mod contests and is considered by many to be the most prolific and inventive modder of all time. He named his Yoyo in Nostalgia (to remind you of your childhood memories). 

It is crafted by Shinobu Konmoto himself. That is the reason if you want to buy his Yoyo, you have to wait for six months. It takes six months to complete and deliver the order. If you want to buy and keep it in your collection, you have to spend a hefty amount on it. 

1. Richard Nixon Yoyo With Roy Acuff – $16,029

The most expensive yoyo in the world - Richard Nixon Yoyo With Roy Acuff - $16,029
Richard Nixon & Roy Acuff at the Grand Ole Opry, 1974. Photo by David Kennerly

This unique toy was used by American president Richard Nixon at Grand Ol Opry House and presented plus taught by Roy Acuff. In 2020, it was bought by an anonymous buyer at the Acuff estate auction for an astonishing price of $16,029. This makes it the most expensive yo-yo in the history of yo-yos.

“President Nixon twirles a yo-yo while Roy Acuff, country singer, watched Saturday night at the opening of the new Grand Ol Opry House in Nashville (Tennessee). Mr. Nixon and his wife (Pat), just back from South America, were guests at the opening.”


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