Belts are an accessory that has always been part of every man’s clothing. However, in recent years they have also gained interest from women, thanks above all to the most famous fashion brands that have signed many belts.

But when it comes to expensive belts, one can only pay attention to the buckles, which have become precious ornaments or even made with noble metals and precious stones.

To date, there are numerous belts on the market signed by the most famous fashion houses, but the top 10 most expensive belts are those that you can find in the following ranking.

#10 “Medusa 3D” by Versace – $ 1,100

The Medusa 3D belt by Versace has the classic logo of the Italian brand, while the buckle is made of a diamond. Like all Versace products, this belt is made with the utmost attention to detail and the best quality leather.

#9 “Alligator Engine” by Ralph Lauren – $ 1,750

The Alligator Engine belt is one of Ralph Lauren’s most famous accessories which, especially in the United States, boasts many admirers.

#8 “Crocodile and Palladium” by Stefano Ricci – $ 1,760

The Stefano Ricci brand is synonymous with luxury and for this belt he used crocodile leather and palladium for the buckle. The belt was christened Crocodile and Palladium.

#7 “Crocodile Leather and Palladium” by Cartier – $ 2,300

This crocodile and palladium leather belt is considered by many to be a work of art. Therefore, its price is not as exaggerated as it might seem.

#6 “Alligator” by Billionaire Italian Couture – $ 2,850

In crocodile leather, it is a handmade belt that shows the best of Italian craftsmanship. The Billionaire Italian Couture logo stands out on the silver buckle.

#5 “LV Initiales 40MM” by Louis Vuitton – $ 3,500

It is one of the most expensive belts on the market, in shiny black crocodile leather and a calfskin lining. The belt buckle is made of brass.

#4 “Etriviere” by Hermes – $ 5,100

#4 world's most expensive belts "Etriviere" by Hermes - $ 5,000

Hermes specializes in luxury accessories and this men’s belt is a clear example of how much a simple accessory can cost.

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#3 “Gold” by Selfridges & Co – $ 32,000

#3 world's most expensive belts - "Gold" by Selfridges & Co - $ 32,000

As the name suggests, this belt is made of gold. Handmade, it is lined with seventy small pyramids of 18-karat gold.

#2 “Caliber R822” by Roland Iten – $ 84,000

#2 most expensive belts in the world "Caliber R822" by Roland Iten
Caliber R822 by Roland Iten

The Swiss brand Roland Iten has created a truly luxurious belt, thanks to 14 carats of precious stones. It is a collector’s item, made jointly by Roland and Bugatti. The weight of the belt is approximately 90 grams.

#1 “Republica Fashion” by Gucci – $ 249,000

Republica Fashion by Gucci is the most expensive belt in the world

The famous Italian fashion brand Gucci, together with the British designer Stuart Hughes, created this belt, produced in few copies. With 30 carats of diamonds and 30 carats of gold, Republica Fashion is with good reason the most expensive and luxurious belt in the world.


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