Maternity is a fantastic period of life. A woman is dedicated to one purpose entirely – giving birth to a baby. Most mothers need almost nothing to do this. Nature does everyone on its own. Since we live in a modern society, it’s normal for mothers-to-be to use particular skincare, eat exceptional food, and wear particular comfortable clothes.

Having pregnancy shorts in the summer and an oversized coat in the winter are just enough to be fully prepared. However, some people like to have extravagant pregnancies and maternity periods. They are willing to spend enormous amounts of money on the birth of their baby and the mothers themselves.

Normal prices for mother and baby gear range from a couple of dollars up to a few hundred, but some items can be so expensive that you’ll wonder if they do something special.

In this article, we share a couple of the most expensive items in the world related to maternity and baby items. Keep reading and see what they are.

5. The Roddler stroller – $4,495

The Roddler stroller

A stroller that is worth the amount of a previously used car is the Roddler stroller that does what every other stroller does – transport your baby from one place to another while they are enjoying the comfort of the soft pad underneath.

It is true that its design is unique and is built from the same materials they build airplanes, the pad is made of alligator skin, rawhide, and stingrays, and there’s connectivity for an iPad. However, it’s still a stroller in which babies who might not recognize colors will ride in.

4. Diamond pacifier – $17,000

Diamond pacifier

You can’t be royalty, go to an event wearing earrings worth millions, and hold a baby that looks like a homeless child. It has to be equally royal-looking to you. That’s why someone invented a baby’s pacifier worth 17 grand with diamonds.

A diamond pacifier from Luxury Lamb is worth this amount because it has a silicone nipple, a body of 14-carat white gold, and a staggering number of 278 diamonds. It does nothing special, and you can freely put it in your baby’s mouth to keep them happy and calm. Still, the people around will see the luxurious pacifier. Just make sure your baby doesn’t swallow some of the diamonds.

3. Handcrafted mattress – up to $50,000

The Queen of Britain has slept exclusively on one type of mattress for decades. The Hypnos mattress manufacturer supplies the royal family with new mattresses whenever they need one. You can get a baby mattress from them too. Their prices are a bit high, though, so be prepared for it.

The smallest baby mattresses have a starting price of around $10,000 and go up to $50,000 per mattress. They do have some amazing mattresses, no doubt, but think about whether your baby will sleep on something less exclusive. It probably won’t mind as it only needs the comfort of its parents’ hug and arms.

2. Posh Tots Crib – $65,000

Most babies hate spending time in their cribs. All parents will get one for their babies, but many will find themselves struggling to keep them inside. Your baby will cry and look for its parents because, as we mentioned, there’s nothing more comfortable than the parents’ hug.

Still, there’s a crib that’s worth a staggering $65,000. The Posh Tots crib is something else when it comes to cribs. It is made to look like the Cinderella wagon when she’s going to the ball; it is handcrafted and made to be glamorous. Made of wood and fiberglass, there’s nothing exclusive about it. Still, some will pay this tremendous amount for it. Additionally, there’s a six-month waiting list for it.

1. Gold rocking horse – $600,000

1. Gold rocking horse - $600,000

Now, for something completely different. What we talked about so far seems like a baby toy for this one, literally. This item is so expensive that it is way more than baby gear. The item on the top of the list is a rocking horse, just like kids love, but entirely made of gold.

The gold rocking horse made by Ginza Tanaka, a Japanese jeweler, is worth $600,000. Allegedly the famous pair Jay Z and Beyonce bought one for their child back in 2012, and this item is known to be produced for royal families back in the day too. It is far more than just a toy. It’s an asset and an investment.


Whatever someone produces and puts on the market, there will be a buyer for it. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is; there’s always someone that will be interested in it. This list is clear proof of it. Although babies and mothers need nothing while raising a baby, the list shows that some people will spend tons of money on baby gear.

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