Your shampoo may seem like a pretty ordinary thing if you don’t pay attention to it. One of those everyday objects that you add to your shopping cart when you go grocery shopping and don’t overthink about. They don’t cost much either. But have you ever thought about the most expensive shampoos there can be? No right? 

Shampoo plays an essential role in our lives. Think about hairdressers and how they use shampoo in their day-to-day business. When you get your hair done, you expect and require a certain level of quality in terms of the products used on you.

It is because of this, and many other reasons, that there is a wide range of shampoos available and some of these cost so much, that it’d force you to appreciate the affordability of your shampoo! That’s right; there are luxury shampoos out there that would cost you an arm and a leg to use and replenish every month.

Let’s look at the top 10 of the most expensive shampoos you can get your hands on!

#10 Briogeo Shampoo

Exclusive brand Briogeo has been known to create only the very best hair care products. It’s been featured in various magazines from time to time. The best thing about this shampoo is that it’s free of any and all parabens, silicones, sulfates, and dyes. You can use it daily, and it will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

#9 Alterna Ten

If you can afford to pay $60 for a bottle of shampoo, you’ll love this one. This shampoo promises glossy and shiny hair, and its lush price tag seems worth it when you look at the ingredients that have gone into it. Each bottle of this luxury shampoo contains truffle oil, grapeseed oil, and African cacao. With ingredients like those, it’s hard to go wrong.

#8 Christophe Robin

This shampoo both cleanses any residue from your hair and adds necessary volume in the process. Its deep cleaning properties make it perfect for those with oily hair. It leaves hair clean with just enough of a shine but none of the excess oil.

#7 Unite U

You’ll need to pay a lot more to get a giant bottle of this product, but the product is worth the price. Once you buy it, you’ll see why it’s so expensive. The shampoo comes loaded with high-end ingredients like crushed pearl powder, argan oil, and Hawaiian white honey.

The luxe shampoo was created by an experienced hairdresser who wanted to give their clients an extra oomph. It can be used by people with all different kinds of hair types, and it doesn’t leave behind any residue or chemicals.

#6 Oribe

Oribe is a brand that’s well-known by top hairdressers. One of the best things about Oribe is that it smells like heaven. The shampoo is made using numerous flower extracts and scents like watermelon and lychee.

You’ll also notice that your hair feels immediately softer after the first time you wash it with Oribe. The shampoo is pricey, but it takes care of both healthy and damaged hair alike.

#5 Kevis 8

You might not recognize this name right off the bat, but that only adds to its exclusivity and hype. You have to pay over $200 for a tiny bottle of the stuff, but it promises to be worth it.

This shampoo works incredibly best for people with oily or stringy hair, but people with all hair types can use it. You’ll have fun with this shampoo as you need to mix the different components before you can apply it.

#4 Bvlgari Shampoo

You’ve probably heard of the luxury brand Bvlgari before. It’s an Italian luxury brand that’s known to produce high quality and reliable products. You can pick it up from one of their stores or order it online. It is pretty pricey, but if you can afford it, it’ll be a worthwhile experience.

What’s more, this shampoo works as both a shampoo and shower gel. It carries a signature Bvlgari scent with hints of green tea. Green tea will relax and soothe you, and the shampoo will make your hair feel soft and supple. The shampoo can be used both by men and women.

#3 Aqua Di Parma

Talk about expensive! This luxury Italian-made shampoo brings together rose, verbena, lavender, and citrus in a stunning blend of whimsy. You’ll notice the difference in your hair right away as it becomes supple, soft, and shiny. The addition of coconut oil means that it can take care of damaged hair, too.

#2 Ten Voss

The name ‘Voss’ probably sounds familiar to you, and you’d be right to point out the similarity. This clear shampoo is made by the same company that sells Voss water. Crystal clear Voss water is also used to make this top-tier shampoo, meaning you get all the benefits you would if you drank the water too.

This shampoo has all-natural ingredients and promises to leave your hair feeling soft, silky, and shiny for days.

#1 Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo

This super luxurious shampoo is sold in jars of 3 oz. and it’ll force you to shell out more than a few dollars. This shampoo contains the best ingredients you can use in your hair. It has eleven L-Amino acids and many different fragrances, namely grapeseed, nettle, sage, burdock, chamomile, and rosemary. 

All these ingredients mean this shampoo can soften and silken your hair in no time! It also works wonders on chemically treated hair, making it stronger and more resilient. What’s more, there’s amber oil in the formula, meaning you’ll think of grand times of olde whenever you use it!

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