It is a common question why people spend a hefty amount on Fursuits. The answer is in our casual life we spend a wasteless penny on the items we never use because we want to pursue our hobby, our passion. 

Fursuits are engaged with various characters and passions such as literature, art, and other channels. The most well-known material of Fursuits is humanoid animals that makes them most expensive as compared to casual dresses.

Fursuits are actually made of fur which is designed for its wearer. The history of Fursuits is very old since it was first used by Robert King in 1933. Every brand that manufactures has its own style and quality. 

Let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive fursuits in the world. 

10. Zweitesich – $6,000

#10 Most Expensive Fursuit - Zweitesich – Price: $6000

This special Fursuit was designed by Albino Topaz on 19 April 2019. The suit has a special trademark on it. The suit has a missing tail like other attire. 

Since its creation, the suit has been facing different conspiracies. Despite all facts and conspiracies, it has its worth and popularity. 

9. Borzoi, Lion, Ram – $6,000

#9 Most Expensive Fursuits in the World - Borzoi, Lion, Ram – Price: $6000

These three Fursuits also belong to the Zweitesich brand. All of the three had a Zweitesich logo on their face and they were made at once. 

As soon as they launched in the market they got criticism from industrial brands due to the logo inscribed on them. As we mentioned earlier, these three ones have no tail like the other suits of Zweitesich. 

They cost you around & 6000 despite all controversies. 

8. Aero The Horse – $7,100

#8 Most Expensive Fursuits in History - Aero The Horse – Price: $7100

This Fursuit is designed by designer brand Sky Pro Costume and the owner is Deanna Biesemeyer. The company is also well known for making telephones. The Fursuit is very famous and wearable among people. 

Lastly, the Aero The Horse sold out for $7100 in 2020. The design and material are worth its price. 

7. Lavender Corgi – $8,025

#7 Most Expensive Fursuits in History - Lavender Corgi – Price: $8025

This one is the most impressive Fursuit designed by Albino Topaz and holds the record of most expensive for years. The suit resembles famous singer Justin Barber and has JB Mark on its back. This mark is hilarious for Justin’s fans. 

Although it is not in the exact shape of Justin, it was sold out for $8025 in 2014.

6. Mishka The Silver Fox – $10,100

#6 Most Expensive Fursuits in History - Mishka The Silver Fox – Price: $10,100

Howl Yeah introduced this in the market by designing it on a special character. The suit has a versatile customizable size and can be worn by large and small heighted.

The suit reached a high price in 2016. 

5. Sniper The Angel Dragon – $11,575

#5 Most Expensive Fursuits in the World - Sniper The Angel Dragon – Price: $11575

Sniper the Angel Dragon is designed by PhoenixWolf Fursuits who is also the creator of the famous telephone suit

It was kept in an auction in 2016 and more interestingly the auction was continued for hours according to Phoenix. Finally, Twilight Saint won the auction. After the auction, a tagline became popular on Twitter, #thegreatphoenixwolfauctionof2015. ” 

4. Protogen – $15,400

#4 Most Expensive Fursuit - Protogen – Price: $15400

The shape of this suit is like we see in action movies. It is designed in engineering by Jting F. Its look is very impressive and attractive. The suit is unsold and still it is an outstanding Fursuit. 

Really good quality fursuits. Protogen works fast but always keeps the good quality. Also, it provides payment plans and one year warranty on its suits!

3. Manuel Dawg – $17,127

#3 Most expensive fursuit - Manuel Dawg – Price: $17,127

Manuel Dwag Fursuit is introduced by Mixed Candy in the market. Candy gets a hefty amount through this suit. The suit is a mixture of fierce, cunning, innocent, and handsome expressions. The outer look seems horrible. 

The suit was sold in 2018 and let down the Sniper record of 2016. Indeed it is as attractive as the other attire of Candy. The material used to make this Fursuit is high quality and maintains the standard of Candy. 

2. Primal Visions Cheetah – $17,500

#2 Most expensive fursuit - Primal Visions Cheetah

The second most expensive fursuit is made by Lex Rudd and surprisingly its fur costs $10,000. It is expensive because it is not painted or sewn rather it is NFL stretched

Primal Visions Cheetah is customizable according to size, even fits tightly to a fatty man. Hence its name, it is like Cheetah. You can consider it. Perfect toes, tail, and height. Indeed it is worth your penny!

1. Roar Dragon – $23,500

#1 Most expensive fursuits - Roar Dragon - $23,500

The Roar Dragon Fursuit is gorgeous with a handmade design produced in New Zealand and ranks number one on the list of the most expensive fursuits in history. It is made with leather and latex. Moreover, its head is 3D printed. It is made of advanced quality and that is the reason behind its Expensiveness.

It takes almost six weeks to make this Fursuit. The professional look of head, toes, and fit to weave. Flexible in their style, they did exactly what you wanted and gave it the right look.

All is Together 

Super cute fursuits and amazing quality! I would love to buy one after saving enough money! Definitely, all are of my favorite fursuit makers, their suits pretty much made me fall in love with realistic fursuits. Their suits capture every detail of the animal and all the suits are different and unique.

Their suits have a fursuit estimator which won’t be accurate but it’s something very useful and hasn’t been seen on many other company sites. The only thing is their fursuits are very pricey but are worth it for the end product.

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