A well-built and well-developed snowboard sells for an average of 500 €. If we are used to seeing them at 4-digit prices among artisans who love fine woods and beautiful decorations, we also find exceptional boards among the major, the spearhead of their collections, with technologies of tomorrow, which can reach fairly golden prices. 

The small podium of the most expensive snowboards (standard) on the market.

#6 Nidecker Ultralight – 999 €

We are one euro below our minimum, but this even lighter board of the Megalight concentrates all of Nidecker’s know-how in terms of construction and technology, with carbon, kevlar, a wood core worked in 3D and a sole 9000 high speed.

#5 Gentemstick Rocket Fish – € 1,085

Flat camber, mini swallowtail, super short and super fat (145cm, 294mm on the skate and 344mm in the nose), can be the most exciting board in the steep with more than a meter of powder, and can also be the hardest to get out of the “japow” … 

#4 Nitro Highlander – 1099 €

Core set with Koroyd, carbon reinforcements along the edges, “space technology” soles, the spearhead from Nitro, for riders with thighs. It is the lightest board in the range, very aggressive for flying over the mountain.

#3 Kessler The Cross – € 1,100

The Swiss carving specialist at a very “Swiss” price but quality follows, with a titanic construction and the famous magic ray of Hansjürg Kessler which makes the track bite in champion turns.www.kessler-swiss.com

#2 Burton Custom Mystery – € 1,350 


The new version of the board, which combines Burton’s most advanced technologies (notably in terms of fibers and carbon), is now in Flying V camber for the 20th anniversary of the Custom.

#1 Jones Project X – 1500 € 

The Most Expensive SnowBoards are Over 1000

The latest technology and the development of new processes can be found in Project X, an ultra high-end version of the Aviator, with classic camber and Carbone Textreme from formula 1.

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