To help you make the right choice, we have put together the 10 most expensive gaming headsets list. Whether you are using them with your PC, console, or smartphone, all these headphones will work extremely well!

Getting a really good gaming headset is one of the best things you can do for yourself. However, finding the best headset can be a challenge because there are so many options to choose from.

Do you want durability, comfort, a wider frequency, surround sound, microphones with clarity, or multiple connectivity options? Or all of these? You might as well splurge once and then enjoy the amazing quality sound for a long time ahead.

Here are some of the best and top 10 most expensive gaming headsets

#1 Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal – $495

#1 most expensive gaming headset - Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal

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This amazing headset by Bang & Olufsen is at the top of our most expensive gaming headsets list because of its outstanding performance as it is designed for gaming. While this high-end headset may cost more than the usual one, its special functions will upgrade your gaming experience. Some of these are precision sound, innovative microphones, and long-lasting comfort.

The Beoplay Portal wireless headphones are designed to work with Xbox. the built-in technology offers complete microphone and audio compatibility with your console. You will get analog and USB cables that will be very useful when you want to connect them to a PS4 or PS5 controller. They come with several game-oriented features that you can customize, such as channel mixing and graphic equalizer. One of the best features is active noise canceling (ANC). so whether you are on a noisy bus or in your living room, you can enjoy your game completely.

#2 AKG Pro Audio K712 PRO – $335

#2 Most expensive gaming headset - AKG Pro Audio K712 PRO

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The AKG Pro Audio K712 PRO is perfect if you’re looking for outstanding comfort, unmatched sound quality, and extended use. It is priced at $335, which makes it the second most expensive gaming headset in the world.

This headset has an over-ear design that provides incredible comfort for extended work or play sessions. The sophisticated open technology provides uncompromising airy and spacious sound. You also get a highly improved low-end performance for powerful sound quality. The flat wire voice recall is revolutionary with incredible treble and impulse response.

#3 HyperX Cloud Orbit S – $329

#3 Most expensive gaming headset - HyperX Cloud Orbit S

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The HyperX Cloud Orbit S provides a high-quality audio experience that is quite unmatched. This is made possible because of the Waves Nx fully immersive 3D audio technology and Audeze planar magnetic drivers. At $329 this headset earns the third spot on the most expensive gaming headsets list and provides unmatched value for money.

You will enjoy the sound with incredible precision and breathtaking clarity because of the distortion resistance and super-fast frequency response. The three-dimensional sound space enables these gaming headphones to deliver a very realistic listening experience.

One of the most amazing qualities of the HyperX is its exclusive head tracking technology. This allows the headphones to track the smallest movements at approximately 1000 times per second for complete immersion, stabilizing the in-game audio environment. Along with your headset, you will get three detachable cables for the perfect setup with 3D immersive audio.

#4 Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 – $329

#4 Most expensive gaming headset - Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2

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Another exceptional headset by Bose, this two-in-one gaming headset is designed for wired and wireless gaming. You can use it to play anything and everything, ranging from your favorite music to the latest games. With its outstanding noise-canceling technology, the QuietComfort 35 S2 gaming headset helps you focus on your work, music, or games completely. You also get to enjoy the noise-rejecting microphone that rejects all noises while ensuring that your friends can hear you with precision and clarity.

Additionally, the lightweight materials used to make these headphones will help you enjoy several hours of gaming. The two built-in assistants are optimized for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

#5 SteelSeries Arctis Pro – $326

#5 Most expensive gamimg headset - SteelSeries Arctis Pro

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The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is the perfect gaming headset for you whether you’re looking for a headset compatible with your PS4 or PS5. Its dual-wireless technology will give you excellent audio for gaming, along with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect them with your mobile phone to make and receive phone calls. The premium Hi-Res speakers provide the audio frequency in an extensive frequency range from 10-40,000 Hz. The clarity and stunning realism will surely elevate your audio experience. The ClearCast microphone provides background noise cancellation and extreme voice clarity.

This headset also offers extreme comfort and durability because of its lightweight construction. Wearing it will give you a feeling of pure luxury. Using the two swappable batteries, you can charge one in the base station and use the other for 20+ hours of gaming.

#6 Sennheiser GSP 670 – $319

#6 Most expensive gaming headset - Sennheiser GSP 670

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Sennheiser’s legendary expertise is reflected in the GSP 670, an outstanding headset for gaming. This wireless gaming headphone has dual connectivity that enables you to simultaneously pair with and switch between phone calls and gaming. Your sound experience will remain seamless. The Bluetooth has an excellent 10m range. With its long-lasting battery life, you can continue using your headphones for 20+ hours over Bluetooth. By powering on and off automatically the headset maximizes battery life.

The microphone uses noise-canceling and a flip-to-mute feature to provide broadcast-quality sound, by cutting out background noises, including breathing. An adjustable headband and soft leatherette earpads with noise isolation make these headphones extremely comfortable to use, even for longer periods. You can also use its fast-charge feature to charge the headphones for seven minutes and play for two hours.

#7 JBL Quantum ONE – $299

#7 Most expensive gaming headset - JBL Quantum ONE

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JBL Quantum ONE headphones provide a great sound that will amplify all your gaming victories. It features an integrated head tracking sensor with QuantumSPHERE 360 technology that enables you to pinpoint sound in your games. You will not miss a shot, step, or jump as you play. The high-resolution 50mm driver delivers immersive sound with precise audio positioning. The microphone has a detachable voice focus that gives you clear multiplayer interactions, noise suppression, and mute features.

A next-gen ergonomic and lightweight design will give you hours of comfortable use. The ¼ inch round base keeps the headphones organized and upright. If you’re looking for a competitive edge, these are your headphones.

#8 Audeze Penrose X – $299

#8 Most expensive gaming headset - Audeze Penrose X

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Like the previous Audeze headphones, the Penrose X gaming headphones offer super rich-sounding audio quality. The wide soundstage ensures an increased immersive gaming experience because of its 100mm planar magnetic drivers. The headphones come with a detachable, high-quality boom microphone. The headset is compatible with various versions of Xbox, Zoom, Discord, and Skype.

The Audeze Penrose X gives you the option to choose between Bluetooth pairing or a wireless connection to connect your headphones to your Xbox, PC, or Playstation. You can also use both, Bluetooth and wireless simultaneously to talk to your friends on your cellphone and do game chat. The versatility makes the Audeze Penrose X an excellent choice as you get excellent sound quality with a variety of connection options.

#9 ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset – $273

#10 Most expensive gaming headset - ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

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The Astro Audio V2 offers an immersive sound and audio experience with clear delivery of music, dialogue, and in-game sound. You get a high-resolution, cinematic gaming experience with the Dolby audio. Because of the Astro command center software and voice balance feature, you get complete control over mixing chat and game audio. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this headphone set provides 15+ hours of use.

While using a PC, you can use the USB sound card function for voice streaming, game, and voice balance without the need for optical cables. For further customization, you can use the A50 Mod Kit to add ear cushions and a synthetic leather headband for enhanced noise cancellation and comfort.

#10 Beyerdynamic MMX 300 – $269

#9 Most expensive gaming headset - Beyerdynamic MMX 300

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The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is the perfect closed stereo headset for all multi-media and gaming applications. It comes with a 5-35,000 Hz frequency response. This wired headphone is compatible with any gaming console. With its high-quality microphone, this headphone set provides excellent speech intelligibility. A lightweight design enables the Beyerdynamic to be perfect for extended use. It offers a nominal sound pressure at 96 dB.

Wrap Up

While there are many cheaper options, you may end up with terrible audio, an uncomfortable design, and a weak mic. You can get some reasonable gaming headsets in the $50 range, but if you’re looking for good comfort and sound, it is best to invest in a good headset.

My advice, go for a high-end headset that gives you some fancy features. You can also prioritize the features that are important for you.

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