There’s something totally unique about a vacation to a casino resort. They’re glitzy, they’re glamorous and they’re a good deal of fun. Some of them have options that are affordable for all budgets, but some of them cater only to the very wealthy. We’re going to take a look inside some of the casinos that fall firmly into the latter category. These are the casinos that were the most expensive to build, are the most expensive to stay at, or are the most expensive to furnish. Get your wallets at the ready because, at these resorts, you’re going to need them.

The Venetian, Macau

The Venetian in Vegas is famous the world over, so when Macau began climbing the ranks as the next big casino city, it made perfect sense for them to build a sister resort there. The Venetian Macau was opened in 2007 and has translated everything brilliant about the Venetian Vegas into an updated Chinese package. It is now the second-largest casino in the world, with an area of more than 500,000 square feet. In this space, you’ll find more than 6000 slot machines and 800 gaming tables. The gaming area is so large that it has been split into four different sections, each with its own distinct theme. These themes are the Golden Fish, The Phoenix, The Red Dragon and The Imperial House, taking inspiration from the resort’s Chinese location.

The casino is not the only impressive thing about this resort though; the hotel itself is actually the very largest hotel building in the whole continent of Asia. It takes up 39 stories and, including the casino area, covers an astounding 10.5 million square feet. In this space you’ll find 3000 suites (costing more than $1,500 per night), the most impressive of which has its own cinema and two massage rooms. The aspect that many love the most about both the Venetian in Vegas and the one in Macau is the manmade canals and the rides that you can take around them in gondolas.

Atlantis Resort & Casino, The Bahamas

The Atlantis is unique in its tranquil surroundings. Whilst the other casino resorts are in the center of bustling cities, this one is right in the middle of a sandy paradise. It’s been running since 1968, making it the oldest on the list, but from the plush interior you wouldn’t know it. The casino is one of the more modest on this list, with 700 slot machines and 85 games tables. However, you certainly won’t find the kind of deals here that it is possible to find at online casinos. The video slot market, for example, is incredibly competitive, leading to many brands using free spins bonuses that can be unlocked by completing challenges as a way to create unique games. Here, free spins are out of the question. Despite this, you will be able to enjoy playing a huge selection of slot machines in pretty special surroundings.

The rest of the resort is spectacular, with a marine conservation center as a standout point. The other big hitter in the resort is the incredible Bridge Suite. It is regularly pinned as one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the entire world, costing no less than $25,000 for one single night. With that said, you do get 1,250 square feet of pure luxury for your money. On entering the suite you’ll find a grand piano, a chandelier made of real gold and seven staff to wait on you hand and foot. Plus, the bed in this room features one of the most expensive mattresses in the world, so you’re guaranteed an incredible night’s sleep.

City Center, Las Vegas

This resort takes the title of the most expensive build
This resort takes the title of the most expensive build

This casino resort gets a special mention because, although the rooms aren’t the most expensive, the price tag for the construction definitely is. This building takes the title of the single most expensive construction project in the whole of US history – quite impressive. The pricetag? $9 billion. The idea behind this resort was to build a city within a city, so the resort features 4 different hotels, 2,400 homes, and nearly fifty eateries and bars. At 18 million square feet it dwarfs even the Venetian, but these things come at a cost. Despite the hype around City Center Las Vegas, the project lost huge amounts of money for the parent company MGM.

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