World has too many extraordinary places for everyone to discover. It is true both for natural landscapes and unmatched human establishments. Some hotels around the globe offer truly extraordinary suites and views that entice you to no bounds. 

The luxury hotels are adorned with lavish decor overlooking stunning views and providing you the time of your life away. In short, they are a sweet escape from the mundane routine of everyday life. However, all these sparkly and dreamy facilities come with terrifying price tags. 

If money is not a problem, and you want to explore your next premium getaway, here’s a list covering some of the world’s most luxurious hotels spanning from extravagant beachfront resorts offering offline and online bingo casinos to lavish villas with private pools. 

Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel, St. Lucia

Most Expensive Hotels - Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel, St. Lucia

Unlike any other expensive and luxurious hotel in the world, Lover’s Deep holds its own charm. This place is a dream come true if you have always been admiring something unique and extraordinary. 

Lover’s Deep is a luxury Submarine Hotel in St. Lucia, boasting underwater 5-star accommodations with, of course, a hefty price tag of £175,000 per night. The hotel offers unexpected experiences like a private captain, butler, and chef, speed boat transfers and optional add-ons, including beach landings or helicopter transfers.

You might think that some things would be missing deep down the sea, but Lover’s Deep doesn’t disappoint you by providing everything you need to enjoy your stay. You even have the luxury to modify your stay according to your preferences. 

The private captain will follow your command on whether you want to explore the Caribbean or stay in a certain location. We must say that your stay in Lover’s Deep won’t be like your typical hotel stay, but it will still be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Empathy Suites at The Palms, Las Vegas

Most Expensive Hotels - Empathy Suites at The Palms, Las Vegas

The Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, offers the best casino resort facilities for casino enthusiasts who want to have a blast while they learn more about this casino gameplay thing. On the other hand, The Empathy Suite at The Palms provides one of the best lodgings in the entire world. 

Empathy Suite is unquestionably one of the most expensive hotels in the world, claiming a hefty price tag of $100,000 per night. Designed by the world-renowned artist Damian Hurst, this suit is a true masterpiece that surpasses all other establishments in terms of both value and beauty. 

Each suit features two master bedrooms, massage tables, a salt relaxation room, a jacuzzi offering breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip, and a whooping private tour of the hotel’s art collection and amenities. The suite also features a 13-seat curved bar with a lounge and media area that can accommodate 52 people at once. Each of these luxurious facilities in one deal is heaven for anyone seeking an escape from the usual humdrum. 

What makes this hotel outclass is the collection of exceptional art pieces and custom-made furniture with signature motifs of none other than Damian Hurst. The hotel owns six of his original works, which makes this hotel a treasure trove for passionate admirers of Hurst. 

If you have the means to indulge in the luxuries, a visit to Empathy Suite is an absolute to-do check.

Ty Warner Penthouse at Four Seasons Hotel, New York

Most Expensive Hotels - Ty Warner Penthouse at Four Seasons Hotel, New York

In our top 3 countdowns is the Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons, New York. The hotel is named after the 52-story building owner named Ty Warner. The hotel suites are located on the top floor and cost around $60,000 per night to stay. 

Although the suite offers only one bedroom, it has a dizzyingly beautiful 360-degree panoramic view of New Your City and presents four glass balconies providing sights of uptown, downtown and midtown NYC. 

The suite is also furnished with a spa where you can enjoy unlimited free massages, a panorama infinity tub, a private elevator, a rock crystal master bedroom, and a dedicated guest relations manager. And here’s the best part, you will have a chauffeured Rolls Royce at your disposal 24/7.

Key Takeaway

Life is a constant cycle of making discoveries, and nothing should stop you from enjoying the time of your life that is only blessed upon you once. The magnificent hotels offer lavish accommodations that will certainly create lasting memories for you to reminisce. 

Whether you are seeking a tranquil escape or thrilling adventures, luxury hotels are the ultimate solution.

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