Tuxedos are a must in practically every man’s wardrobe. With a tuxedo, a man can come to any event looking sophisticated, wealthy, and fashionable. That’s also why tuxedos have become synonymous with the elite. As such, several high-end brands have sold tuxedos for the upper class that cost more than many people earn in a year. We’ve reviewed the range and found the most expensive tuxedos in the world – here are 5 of them!

Kiton – $50,000

The most expensive tuxedo ever sold to the public is Kiton’s K-50. Kiton is one of the most luxurious fashion houses founded over 50 years ago by the highly acclaimed Ciro Paone. Since then, the Italian company has spread elegance and style all over the world and has been the preferred choice for wealthy men. Their eminent K-50 tux cost $50,000 when it was sold, making it the most expensive tuxedo ever sold.

If you want something in a cheaper price range from Kiton, there’s that too, but you still have to pay no less than $20,000. If you’re looking for a more standard tuxedo, without compromising on looks or quality, there are several brands to choose from for that as well.

Brioni – $43,000

Brioni is an Italian fashion brand that has designed tuxedos for influential icons like Brad Pitt, Will Smith, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They have been dressing some of the world’s most important men on the red carpet for a number of years. That’s why it’s hardly surprising that they’ve designed the world’s second most expensive tux available to the public: the Brioni Vanquish li tuxedo which is sold for $43,000.

Well-known for its handmade tuxedos and suits, Brioni has been serving its customers since 1945. Their most expensive tuxedo is made from rare vicuna fur and is stitched with white gold. Brioni also offers tuxedos at a cheaper price for the average person, but you should still be prepared to spend a fortune.

Canali – $4,200

If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper high-end brand than Kiton and Brioni, you can get a sleek and modern tux at Canali for $4,200. Canali is another Italian fashion brand that has taken the world by storm with its elegant and luxurious tuxedos.

The company is now part of the Kering Group, but many people still know the brand as Canali and immediately think of extravagance when they hear it. The focus of their tuxedos is the highest quality and an unbeatable look that suits all types of men at any event that requires a formal fashion. Pair it with an expensive watch and you’re sure to turn everyone’s attention in your direction.

Bottega Veneta – $3,800

Finally, we have the well-known brand Bottega Veneta which is, you guessed it, another Italian luxury fashion house. Based in Milan, Bottega Veneta produces some of the world’s most stylish men’s clothing, including tuxedos for the fashion-conscious man.

Bottega Veneta has also produced one of the most expensive (and clean-cut) tuxedos in the world, an incredibly stylish, tailored tuxedo that is sold for $3,800. With this, you’re sure to exude wealth and fashion awareness.

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