More and more people appreciate diamonds. And the jewelers are creating a new diamond design every day so that everyone will find something for them.

The majority of individuals who love precious stones use only the “4Cs” to choose their diamonds.

Diamond buying advice
Diamond buying advice

The “4C” represent the minimum criteria to take into account before investing in a jewel. They also largely determine their price.

These “4Cs” are the Carat weight, the Clarity, the Cut, the Color. To complete this little guide, here are 5 extra diamond buying advice to take into account before buying your dream diamond.

Know your diamond style

Knowing his ideal style of diamonds will allow you to optimize your choice from the large selection available today. Since there are a large number of sharp cuts on the market, reducing the quantity will avoid losing the quantity.

Incorporate your diamond into your lifestyle

You haven’t necessarily thought about it, but are you a bit clumsy? Are you used to bumping into anything and everything? You should not lose your precious stone because of repeated shocks.

Think in this sense that large diamonds, if they are beautiful, are also easier to lose. An adjustment at the level of the grip might be necessary.

Make sure to see the diamond personally

With the Internet, it is now much easier to buy a diamond. In a day and without moving from your home, it can shine on your finger. However, the best thing to do and whenever possible.

It’s able to look at the diamond in person. Even if you buy it from a trusted distributor, without seeing it, you will not be able to realize the imperfections.

Fortunately, today a large number of sellers offer you the possibility of returning your purchase if it ultimately does not meet your expectations. You can then be reimbursed.

Choose a trusted seller

Again, while the Internet makes life easier for many things, the network also makes it easier for offenders. In such a context, it is essential to buy your diamonds from a known and recognized store.

Today, all department stores and distributors of diamonds allow you to buy with peace of mind, confidence, and security.

Buy a certified diamond

No need to repeat it, but we still prefer to do it: the diamonds must be certified. Any diamond purchased must come with certification. If there are different types of certificates, the one that refers to them is the certification issued by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Certification guarantees the quality and provenance of the diamond.

Buying a diamond has never been easier and more complex at the same time. However, following these 5 diamond buying advice in addition to 4Cs, you will have no problem.

Also, remember to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary specific to precious stones.


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